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 Sixteen-year old Rico dreams of another life – where losing an ear in a fight isn’t funny and where love is about belonging and not expediency.

Instead, he follows a gang of brutal and uneducated jungle bandits who are fleeing the Guatemalan army and heading to join the revolution in Cuba, unaware the fighting ended ten years earlier.

When Rico’s father, the gang leader, is wounded in a gun battle they take shelter on a farm and witness television for the first time.

His father falls in love with a beautiful soap actress and, believing he has been resurrected in order to save her, resolves to track down and kill the soap’s evil Senor Gonzales.

Yet as they seek the actress, robbing and killing with seeming impunity, the love of a boy for his father is slowly reduced by the growing recognition of his father’s dangerous ignorance and crazed rationalisation.



Madness of the Turtle

Final Madness Cover